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Our Story

We’re not your average agency.

We founded 215 Marketing in 2013 looking to help local businesses improve their bottom line, we have evolved into one of Philadelphia’s premier marketing agencies an agency that cuts through the bullsh*t, fancy acronyms, fluffy reports, and noise to provide our clients with custom marketing and sales solutions that work for them, and will work for you.

A rapidly growing team of success-conscious individuals focused on customer service and results, we believe in treating your business like it's our own and operating accordingly. Our story is your story -- a company always looking to improve, always looking to stay ahead of the curve, always putting our clients' needs first, and always -- we mean always -- remembering that ideas are praised, but execution is rewarded. We get the job done right the first time, with our client’s best interests and business goals in mind. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Why We Stand Out

  • Being accessible, fast to respond, and fast to resolve
  • Being accountable; to the client, to ourselves, and to the results
  • Being disciplined and sticking to our process-driven approach
  • Being flexible with regards to pricing, execution, and billing models
  • Being focused on the metrics that matter, not vanity metrics that mean nothing for your bottom line
  • Being transparent, open, and honest; with our clients and amongst ourselves. We expect our clients to be equally as transparent with us
  • Being vertically agnostic - we work with companies and budgets of all shapes and sizes

Meet Our Founders

Meet the minds behind the madness marketing -- two business-minded individuals, sons of blue-collar entrepreneurs, who met at Drexel in their MBA program, became friends, and decided to launch 215!

Jon Vogel
Co-founder & Principal
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Drexel University
Master in Business Administration Innovation
Management & Entrepreneurship

Rowan University
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Jon Vogel
Co-founder & Principal

Born and raised across the bridge near Princeton, NJ, Jon (or JJ as many have known him) always had the entrepreneurial bug. He cut his teeth by launching a sports card eBay store as a kid, buying and selling football and baseball cards. He would go on to found his first company -- a painting business -- at just 18 years old. After attending Rowan University for his undergraduate degree, he attend Drexel University, where, on the very first day of class, he happened to sit down next to a shaggy-haired individual that owned the EXACT same laptop as he did -- Garrett Gillin. The rest, as they say, is history.

Currently, in addition to the many hats he wears here at 215 Marketing, Jon is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Rowan University, sits on the Alumni Board of Directors at Rowan University, and on the Board of Directors for the Thomas & Woods Foundation.

Fun Fact

Jon is an avid sports memorabilia and trading card collector, a die-hard Miami Dolphins, New York Mets, New York Rangers fan, and wants everyone to know that Central Jersey exists.

His favorite quote is: “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

Garrett Gillin
Co-founder & Principal
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Drexel University
Masters in Business Administration
Marketing & Entrepreneurship

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Science Biotechnology

Garrett Gillin
Co-Founder & Executive Consultant

Garrett was born and raised in Upper Darby, just outside of West Philadelphia. His entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by his father, who was a small business owner and mechanic back then. His passion for entrepreneurship led to his co-founding of a discount restaurant website known as Big Sweet Deal.

Fueled by his new-found interest in helping people make good decisions for their businesses, Garrett opted for an MBA program at Drexel Business School where he met Jon Vogel.

Besides overseeing our production team, Garrett is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Brandeis University. He also founded a company called Noleuderm to make treatment cheaper for those affected by Vitiligo.

His favorite pastime is spending time with his daughter, Sofie. He also enjoys a game of chess or going for a run.

Fun Fact

Garrett used to own a paper airplane business in 3rd grade where he sold custom paper airplanes for $1 during recess. The principal wasn’t cool with the idea and so, it was shut down.