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6 Best Viral Marketing Videos On YouTube

18 Oct, 2019

If what Einstein said is true, and creativity truly is just intelligence having fun, then these creatives must throw the most brilliant parties ever. Check out these 6 ultra-creative ad campaigns and viral videos that we consider to be our favorites on YouTube.

The Troy Library: Book Burning

We show this video to every single one of our employees when they first begin here at 215 Marketing. Why you ask? Because this video shows the ability that strategic marketing has to “change the conversation”. To this day, it’s still the most brilliant campaign we’ve ever seen.

Honey Maid: Love

Appealing to our softer-side, here is a super-creative and touching video called Honey Maid: Love. A direct response to outcry over a “This Is Wholesome” video Honey Maid launched months prior, this video turns hate and negativity into something beautiful. Watch and see for yourself!

Dollar Shave Club – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

If you’ve never seen this video, you’ve seriously been missing out. Often imitated, but never duplicated, this video has collected over 17 Million YouTube views and still makes us laugh every time we watch it.

Poo-Pourri – Girls Don’t Poop

Poo-Pourri. How can you not LOVE that word-play? Better yet, how can you not love a company that was able to “sniff success” by leveraging this hilarious, but odd, video. This is our favorite “sh**ty” video ever.

Evian: Baby & Me

Evian knocked this video out of the park. If the soundtrack and dance moves don’t get you fired up, the creativity of the concept surely will. We have said too much already, watch and enjoy for yourself!

New Castle Ale: Super Bowl Commercial That Wasn’t

So for last year’s Superbowl, New Castle Ale decided that they wanted to make an advertising splash by creating a Super Bowl commercial. Problem was, they couldn’t afford a Super Bowl commercial. What did they do instead? Created one of the most hilarious, comprehensive, media campaigns EVER. They even made a website to house the campaign http://www.ifwemadeit.com/.

It all started with the video below, and grew from there. WARNING: The next 30-minutes of your life may be dedicated to watching New Castle Ale videos.

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